Southern spice

Southern Spice, Home of Kerala, is an authentic restaurant which offers the flavours of Kerala. Here in Malaysia we are trying to recreate the richness and flavours of Kerala cuisine which is closed to the mother nature, which has got the hand flavour of generations, and most of all healthy family cooking with no use of any artificial ingredients. Kerala cuisine as a multitude of both vegetarian and Non vegetarian dishes prepared using Fish, Poultry and Red Meat with refined Oil especially Coconut Oil.

Kerala’s long coastline, numerous rivers and back water network and strong fishing industry have contributed many sea and river food based dishes. Rice and Cassava form the staple food of Kerala. The main dish for lunch and dinner is boiled rice. For over 2000 years, Kerala has been visited by ocean-goers, including traders from Greece, Rome, the eastern Mediterranean, Arab countries and Europe. Thus, Kerala cuisine is a blend of endogenous dishes and foreign dishes adapted to Kerala taste. In addition to historical diversity, the cultural influences particularly the large percentage of Muslims and Syrian Catholic as Christians have also contributed unique dishes and style to Kerala cuisine, especially non vegetarian dishes.

Southern Spice is a place where you will experience the flavours of traditional Kerala cooking from the hand of Chef who learned the first lessens from this traditional home. The chef are borne and brought up in Kerala and has got numerous years of experience in this traditional way of cooking. So there will be no compromise on the quality.


Restoran Southern Spice, 131-133,
Jalan Tun H S Lee, W P 50000,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia